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Conference Auction

IMI-Bay: the Institute's Scholarship Fund Auction

On the Thursday evening at this year’s conference we plan to hold an auction to raise funds for the IMI Scholarship Fund. There will be two parts to this auction: a traditional one with an auctioneer and a silent auction.

What is a silent auction? 
On the night all items will be labelled and laid out on four numbered tables. Each item will have a form, with a description and a rough value, on which bidders can record their bids. The idea is that delegates, whilst enjoying a drink or two, will be able to inspect the items and decide what they would like to bid for.

After a while it will be announced that the first table will be closing in so many minutes and a count down will begin. Hopefully, several items will have a number of people bidding on them and it’s the last bid on the form when time is called that gets the item. Bidding in the last minute can get frenetic with rivals jostling each other to ensure their bid is the winner.

Once the bidding has closed on Table 1 a countdown will start on Table 2 and then Table 3 and so on.

The live auction
Higher value items will be entered into the live auction. We hope that all those companies exhibiting at the trade show will be encouraged to donate an item such as:

  • An afternoon in a corporate box at a sporting, music or theatre event
  • A piece of software
  • An item of equipment (perhaps some ex demo kit)
  • A bottle of wine/champagne
  • Promotional items, such as golfing umbrellas
  • A day’s training

To get things started, we already have the generous donation by our hosts DeVere Venues of a three course dinner, bed and breakfast for two at Theobalds Park – a great place for a romantic weekend or as a base for a day in London or the Hertfordshire countryside.

Auction 1 Auction 2

Please contact Roger Hickinbotham if you have items to donate. You can send them to him or just bring them with you to the conference, but please let him know what you're bringing.

We need your donation
To make the silent auction a success we must ask all IMI members to look around their departments to see if there are any old pieces of equipment or materials that are no longer needed and to donate them to the auction. Who knows, an out-of-date roll of film, or something you no longer need may be just what someone else wants? Here are some examples of the type of thing you could bring:

  • Items of equipment you no longer need
  • Materials you can’t use, such as printing paper samples or inkjet cartridges
  • Mounted or framed pictures taken by or drawn or painted by you
  • Arts and crafts: if any member or their partner has a special skill, for instance wood carving, stained glass, knitting or embroidery
  • A souvenir, a T shirt or some unusual bottle from an interesting or exotic holiday
  • Something from your own institution, such as a pen set or baseball cap
  • Promotional gifts from companies you deal with
  • Books or CDs.

The auction is an ideal opportunity to have some fun with old friends, make new friends and, hopefully, acquire something you never knew you wanted. Most importantly it will raise vital money for the IMI Scholarship Fund to help ensure the future of IMI. Come to the auction and have a great evening. There will be a bar available throughout the auction.

Here are some items already donated:




 Apple USB keyboard 1

Apple USB keyboard & mouse #1



Apple USB keyboard & mouse #2


 Apple USB keyboard 3

Apple USB keyboard #3


 Stylish hat stylish hat 2

Stylish hat

Required to be worn by anyone who doesn't buy anything.


 scrambler game

'Brain Scrambler' game

Does exactly what it says.


 Oven gloves

Pair of Union Jack oven gloves

Cool Britannia: If you can't stand the heat, stay in the kitchen and don these.


 120 SVHS tapes

Five 120-minute SVHS pro tapes

Unused, mostly shrink-wrapped

 180 SVHS tapes

Five 180-minute SVHS pro tapes

Unused, shrink-wrapped

 60 min SVHS tapes

Five 60-minute SVHS pro tapes

Unused, shrink-wrapped


CD/DVD rack



Pair of Wedgewood egg cups (egg not included)

Used; vgc


Pair of Wedgewood 'Clementine' bone china candle holders

Just add candles

Used; vgc


Wedgewood 'Clementine' bone china ashtray


Used; vgc


Wedgewood 'Clementine' bone china sweet dish


Used; vgc


Wedgewood 'Clementine' bone china circular dish


Used; vgc


Wedgewood 'Clementine' bone china pot with lid #1


Used - tiny chip in pot


Wedgewood 'Clementine' bone china pot with lid #2

Used - pot is cracked & repaired


Rare, limited edition American comic: 'Battlestar Galactica Tourbook' with Dynamic Forces certificate.

If you know what a flash inspection, a four-point peel off or a maximum G-climb is, then this is one for you.

Unused, sealed in poly bag


Limited Edition Star Wars comic: Episode 1 - Anakin Skywalker, with Dark Horse Comics certificate.

Very rare.

May the force be upon your wallet.

Unused, sealed in poly bag


Star Wars 10 comic: Outlander By Tim Truman (Dark Horse Comics/ Lucas Books 1999).


Unused, in poly bag


Book: 'Fundoscopy Made Easy' (student textbook on retinal pathology), signed by 3 authors, including our very own Steve Palmer.

Things you know you know, things you know you don't know and things you don't know you don't know about the fundus - with great pictures.



Tri-X cassette memory stick.

Nostalgia needn't be a thing of the past.



Beautiful hand-turned sycamore fruit bowl.

Made especially for the IMI Bay auction, with much flaying of fingers. Just add fruit.



Retro tin mug - 'Keep Calm and Carry On'.

Ironic sense of nostalgia not included.




Nikon focusing screens, Type K, boxed, with instructions & tweezers:

2 x Nikon F3
2 x Nikon FA/FE2
1 x Nikon D1/F100



Universal Studios insulated mug.



Stephen Wiltshire mug: 'Do the Best You Can and Never Stop'.

Excellent advice from an artistic genius.



Bike/ run mobile phone carrier (mobile phone not included).



Marvel comics X-Man 'All Saints' Day' - graphic novel by Ben Raab; Terry & Rachel Dodson.

Unused in poly bag


Marvel Comics Ultimate X-Men Issue 1: 'The Tomorrow People'.

"Always with the jokes."

"I keep trying, maybe someday they will be funny."

Unused in poly bag unmarked except for small creases in spine


Leica 39mm Silver UV filter

As new


B+W 39mm FL-D conversion filter

 Used; ex++


Rodagon 50mm f/4 enlarger lens

 Used; ex++


Rodagon 60mm f/4 enlarger lens

 Used; ex++


Rodagon 80mm f/4 enlarger lens

 Used; ex++



 Leica enlarger lens




Kaiser DUKA 5 darkroom safe light

Feel safe in the dark

 Used; ex++


Royce bicycle saddle

Ride in style and find out what it's like to sit in the Chair's saddle.

Brand new

(retails about £45)



Carradice Nelson saddle bag

Brand new (retails about £50)



Signed copy of the novel, "Caxton Tempest - at the end of the world", by Ken Preston.

Described on the cover as "gripping .....and enjoyably grisly". Well it would be, being written by a medical photographer!

(two lots)




Mounted original  photograph #1 by Jason Candlin





Mounted original photograph #2 by Jason Candlin





Tamron 70-200mm lens wih Minolta adapter. C/w case & boxed.

Other adapters are, of course, available.




Kaiser 5m remote control air release in original packaging

Pneumatischer Fernauslöser!

Umlaut included.




Bayeux tapestry kit in original packaging with full instructions and all materials.

Everything you need to make and own a faithful replica of part of this iconic record of the needle match between Harold (don't look up!) & Guillaume le Conquérant.




'Shedman' poetry collection: "an array of carefully crafted, thoughtful and thought-provoking poems" by John Davies. Signed by the Author & as rare as hen's teeth. (See

...and not a whiff of creosote.

"Is a shed a substitute for something never had a replacement mother, or a kind of flat-pack dad?" You decide.




Picture by Brighton artist Jan Mnich from 2002 ( approx 800mm x 500mm




Chinese print on silk, approx 1300mm x 400mm




Pighog Press Special Edition Boxed set of Sussex poets (normally £20)

Whatever it is in the Sussex sea air, these poets are full of wit and perception.




A makeup lesson or makeover by Kirsty, who was trained by MAC and then spent over 3 years with SpaceNK. All the products used are top end: Nars, Laura Mercier, MAC etc .

A wonderful art to learn or a lovely pampering experience if you just want a treat. See Kirsty's work at:

Be the best made up person at the Banquet, or get a lesson in make up for your next shoot.

A whole




Vermont Maple Syrup

Yum yum




Rosie’s Vermont Beef Jerky

Delicious big country snack




 Sterling Silver earrings




 Manicure set

Nail a bargain




Jeffrey Archer's latest novel, 'Only Time Will Tell'. Hardback, Signed by the author.

Number One Bestseller. Cover price £18.99.

This book has had fantastic reviews




Case of wine

(two lots)

All the way from Yorkshire, so let's hope it travels well.



Bottle of Buck's Fizz

Traditional hangover cure. You never know when it might come in handy.



Where did the idea come from?
IMI had auctions at conferences in the past, raising substantial sums toward the Turnbull Travel Fund. Both our sister organizations in the United States, BCA and HeSCA, hold a silent auction at their annual meetings. These events not only raise valuable funds for a worthy cause but are great fun.

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