For those following a recognised training course. Students are entitled to all the benefits of membership, have full voting rights and can take part in all the Institute's activities at privileged rates.

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For anyone with an interest in medical illustration and who supports the objects of the Institute as set forth in the Memorandum of Association.

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For those engaged in medical illustration and who hold a professional qualification approved by Council. Professional Members are entitled to use the letters MIMI after their name.

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For companies who wish to support the aims and activities of the Institute and the profession, or whose business activities include the supply of equipment, materials and services to the profession.

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Fellowship of
the Institute

Fellowship of the Institute recognises excellent abilities and skills and is its highest distinction of the Institute. Applications may be made by Members of the Institute with a minimum of 5 years’ post-qualification experience.

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Our Values

IMI is responsible for supporting the professional development and well-being of all our members and for upholding and advancing standards in clinical photography, video and design in healthcare. At the heart of our institute is the recognition that we must be relevant to and highly collaborative with our members and our internal customers, whilst reaching out to all potential new members.

We take very seriously our accountability in supporting the best outcomes for patients through the excellent quality of the work that we do. We are about: accountability, supportiveness, continual improvement, and moral purpose. As a professional body, we are here to represent everyone who chooses a career within our profession and by joining our Institute; you too will have a voice in that future representation.

We create a supportive team working environment, which draws from across our membership, values individual skills and provides a focus on mutual gain by sharing goals and collaborating fully. We value everyone, respect their individuality and treat all colleagues and members with trust, consideration and understanding. We promote a supportive and rewarding environment within the Institute.  

We recognise that however good a service or process may be, it can always be bettered!  We accept our responsibility to continually challenge ourselves as to how we can drive up quality by delivering our remit for our members and for patients more effectively and efficiently. We jointly share a restless desire for continual improvement, both for ourselves and for our Institute services. Only by questioning ourselves and others, going further than the minimum, stretching our goals and striving for increasingly superior outputs, will we continue to make a difference in supporting excellence in professional standards across services in healthcare visualisation.  

We accept our distinct role in maintaining and improving the working lives of those professions we serve and take personal responsibility in doing our utmost to achieve that. If it’s the right thing to do, we look to overcome obstacles and find a way through.  Striving for the best possible outcome requires us to be solution-focused, adaptable, tenacious and future-focused. We take the right route, not the easiest route and surround ourselves with colleagues who are equally determined and supportive.  

We recognise that our members needs in terms of support will change over time. We recognise that only by anticipating and developing new and better solutions, pushing boundaries, being open and receptive to change and finding space for innovation will we stretch our imaginations far enough to maintain our relevance and continue to earn the loyalty of existing and future members.

We are open and honest with our colleagues at all times and take pride in consistently delivering our promises, without compromise. We maintain a balance between seeking to deliver the ideal, yet remaining practical and pragmatic, as the situation demands.  

Registered Office

12 Coldbath Square
London EC1R 5HL
Tel: 0207 837 2846
Registered No:933565

Clinical photography, design and video in healthcare