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Outline programme

Wednesday 5th October

  • Council meeting
  • Delegates arrive and check into hotel
  • Informal networking in Temple Bar

The Temple Bar

A range of bar meals and snacks is available from the Temple Bar, or you might prefer to go to the Courtyard Restaurant, in which case please ask the reception desk to book a table for you when you arrive. 

See the Temple Bar menu at the top right of this page.

Thursday 6th October

  • For those staying on Wednesday night - Breakfast is in the Lady Meux private dining room
  • Conference registration
  • Conference opens in the Conference Room
  • Keynote speaker Dr Mary Archer
  • Plenary session, including The Julie Dorrington New Voices Session (see below)
  • Networking lunch in the Courtyard Restaurant
  • AGM – get more information/ papers from: - Thursday at 4.30 p.m.
  • Presentation of 88 Bronze & 41 Silver Awards - Thursday at 6.15 p.m.
  • Dinner in the Mansion House - Friday 6.30 for 7.00 p.m.
  • IMI-Bay Scholarship Fund Auction – see the link (top right hand side) for details


Scientific programme

This year’s theme of Value through innovation and effectiveness offers the opportunity for some exciting discussion; we have put together a varied programme of presentations catering for photographers, video producers and graphic designers alike. Although the focus is on developments in modern professional practice and technology, we include presentations which will discuss past innovations that have impacted on modern medical interventions. Please email Joanne Dunlop if you have any queries.

The conference kicks off with a Keynote Address and then goes straight into the Julie Dorrington New Voices Session (see below).

Keynote Address

Dr Mary Archer,
Chairman, NHS Urology Informed Decision Making Project 2003-2009.
Chairman of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Shared decision making – Innovative communication in healthcare

The scientific programme then continues throughout the day on Thursday and then returns on Saturday morning, with a wide range of topics (see below)

Speaker programme

Thursday Plenary session in the Conference Room

0955    Conference Opening – Andy Johnson, IMI Chairman
1000    Keynote Address – Dr Mary Archer, Chairman, NHS Informed Decision Making
1030    Julie Dorrington New Voices Presentations
1035     Examining the effectiveness of different imaging modalities used for recording
           pigmented skin lesions – Jessica Oliver
1050     Imaging modalities in glaucoma – Nichola Toothill 
1105     Staffordshire course as a mature student from the dark ages – Nicola Riley
1120     Location lighting for patient information materials – Mel Yeneralski 
1135     BSc (Hons) Clinical Photography: A Student's Perspective – Katie Rayner and
            Tamsin Fawn
1150     Virtual Pathology Collection: A Pilot Study – Charlie James
1205     The importance of colour in the understanding of 3D visualisations of the
           applications of stem cell research in therapies for liver disease
           – Jennifer Colquhoun
1220     New Voices Questions – All New Voices speakers
1330    Media tools for Shared Decision Making – Tom Kidder
1350    Training for non-photographers in clinical records and trials – Simon Brown
1410    Making SEMs into exciting imagery – Spike Walker

Thursday concurrent session A – Goddard Room

1445    Understanding illness and its response to treatment; a role for the artist?
           – Helen Carruthers
1515    Non-traditional publication modes for medical teaching and self-publishing
           – Norman Barker
1535    The Value of H3, Tribute to a quiet genius – Cedric Gilson
1555    New Opportunities: Connecting with arts and media production across your
           institution – John Davies
1615    From Filing Cabinets to File Servers: Dealing with our growing digital footprints
           – Jason Candlin and Richard Everett

Thursday concurrent session B – Cotton Room

1445   Kilimanjaro through the keyhole – Colin Dobbyne and Liam Horgan
1515   An A & E Pilot – Jane Tovey
1535   Surviving and thriving in the downturn – Roddy McColl
1555    A QIPP: Clinical Photographs Saving Consultations and Improving Clinical PathwayProgression
           – Joe Dunlop and Steve Moore
1615    Electronic Requesting of Clinical Photography….would you like ICE with that?– Simon Dove

Saturday plenary session

0930   Good graphics for people with  communication difficulties – Debbie Stanton
1000   Shooting video interviews for the web for non-professional camera operators:
         getting the best result from Flip cameras – Tom Kidder
1030   Animating sequential photographs to demonstrate dynamic flap movement: an aid
         to teaching dermatological surgery and patient consent – Dev Shah
1130   Major incident planning – Danielle Osborn
1200   Graphic novels for healthcare communication - Ian Williams
1230   Chairman’s closing remarks and intro to 2012 Conference 

See the Presentation abstracts under 'Programme in detail' - link on the top right.


The Julie Dorrington New Voices Session

This year, the popular New Voices session has been renamed in memory of Julie Dorrington, who sadly passed away in December 2010. For many years Julie gave a huge amount of time to the Institute, notably with conference planning and as Membership Secretary. In this capacity, she was responsible for helping many people to become members of the Institute, so it is highly appropriate that we remember her as we hear from some of the brightest new voices in our profession.

At the end of the Julie Dorrington New Voices session the audience will be invited to vote for the speaker who in their opinion gave the best presentation. The winner will receive the Julie Dorrington Membership Award, comprising a certificate and a prize of a year's free membership.


The session is comprised of short presentations given by at least six of our newest members who’ve never spoken at the conference before. Students and new graduates from courses based in Cardiff, London, Staffordshire and Dundee are among the contributors, speaking on a diverse range of topics (see above)

These presentations have a reputation for being of excellent quality and are not to be missed.

Friday 7th October

Breakfast in the Lady Meux private dining room

  • Opening of the Trade Exhibition in the Conference Room
  • Trade Exhibition and trade area workshops
  • Workshops, tutorials and master classes – download a workshop programme from the top right
  • Working Lunch in the Trade Exhibition area
  • Ice cream interval in the Trade Exhibition area
  • Conference photograph
  • Annual Awards Banquet in the Ridings Barn
  • Followed by music and dancing to a live band

See the Workshop abstracts under 'Workshops in detail' - link on the top right.

Workshop Programme






Conference Room

 0900 - 0930

 All delegates to assemble in the trade exhibition area

 Trade exhibition opening

 0930 - 1025



 Warehouse Express –
Steve Aves

Studio lighting
for skin

 Jane Tovey & Derek Winckles

Life’s a pitch

 Carl Rogers & Richard Martin

Introduction to video for Clinical Photographers

 Academy Class –Mark Gatter

Getting the best from CS5

Tips & tricks



1035 - 1130


 Warehouse Express – Steve Aves

Studio lighting for skin

 Jill Bradbury


 Color Confidence - Simon Prias

You’ve ignored it, but it’s here to stay – Colour management is a necessity that’s now easy to implement and maintain

 Academy Class – Mark Gatter

Getting the best from CS5


Tips & tricks

Haag-Streit – Sam Laidlaw

Slit Lamp Imaging


 1130 - 1300

 Break in workshop programme for
dedicated trade exhibition time

 Dedicated trade exhibition time

(including lunch)

 1300 - 1350


 David Bishop

Corporate photography: more than just an equipment photograph

 Ian Berle

Privacy & Confidentiality: What is the difference?

 Wacom – Anton Nelson

Digital Illustration and Videography tips: making the most out of a Wacom tablet for cross media creativity

 Academy Class – Mark Gatter

Getting the best from CS5

Workflow production process


Generating revenue with inkjet



1400 – 1445

 Catherine Draycott

Making and using clinical and healthcare recordings for learning and teaching

 Wabalogic – Mark Harrison

A Job Management System; how could it work for you?

 Duncan Say

Small but perfectly formed


 Academy Class – Mark Gatter

Getting the best from CS5

Tips & tricks


 1445 - 1500

Break in workshop programme for
trade exhibition time

 Ice cream interval

 1500 - 1550


 Andrew Riddle & Matthew Clavey

The assessment of burns injury with the FLIR Thermal imaging camera

 Stephen Moore & Jason Candlin

Innovate to survive & thrive

Being indispensable and demonstrating a benefit to our organisation.

 Nicholas Geddes

Adventures in Podcasting


 Academy Class – Mark Gatter

Getting the best from CS5

Creating rich interactive documents





All delegates to return to trade exhibition area

 1600 - 1615

 All delegates to assemble in trade exhibition area

 Trade Close and prize draw

IMI Awards Exhibition

The IMI Awards Exhibition will be on show throughout the conference. We’re aiming to put on a truly professional display that’s worthy of the UK’s best medical photography, ophthalmic imaging, video production, medical art and graphic design.

Congratulations to the 2011 Award winners. With 137 award-winning entries – 88 Bronze, 41 Silver and 8 Gold – this will be an inspirational exhibition, so make sure you find time to see it all. 

We are indebted to Stylize Display Graphics for supplying contemporary display systems and graphics for the Conference and Exhibition, as well as to the Medical illustration Department of Birmingham University Hospitals for mounting the photographic entries.

IMI Annual Awards Banquet

The Ridings barn, where the IMI Awards Banquet will be held

The IMI Annual Awards Banquet on Friday night is a very special occasion in the Institute’s calendar. After welcome drinks at 6.30 p.m. we make our way into the Ridings, an elegantly converted barn. Following a sumptuous meal, we have the chance to celebrate some of the best work in the field of medical illustration, with our Annual Awards. These include Gold and Platinum Awards, the Wellcome Award, Student Award, John Corney Video Award, Graphics Award and Photography Award. And, for the first time this year, the Julie Dorrington New Voices Award (see above).

Also this year we see our Chairman, Andrew Johnson, stepping down and handing over to a new chairman.

Who will Andrew give the Norman K. Harrison Medal to this year?

Ridings Barn

Following the meal, we have a fantastic band lined up to get you dancing. Stak it up is a versatile five-piece band of professional musicians playing music from your favourite eras – so something to get everyone on the dance floor. The Ridings bar will be open all evening – but please make sure you get up in time for the first speaker on Saturday morning!

Suzanne Mellard Stak it up
Stak it up's Suzanne Mellard is one of the hottest and most versatile vocalists in the UK



Many thanks to Medical Illustration UK (MIUK), and especially to Directors Mike Nelson and Chris Priest, whose generous sponsorship made it possible for us to book this great band.


Saturday 8th October

  • Breakfast in the Lady Meux private dining room
  • Plenary session in the conference suite – see Scientific Programme above
  • Lunch in the Courtyard Restaurant

Courtyard Restaurant
The Courtyard Restaurant

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