For those following a recognised training course. Students are entitled to all the benefits of membership, have full voting rights and can take part in all the Institute's activities at privileged rates.

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For anyone with an interest in medical illustration and who supports the objects of the Institute as set forth in the Memorandum of Association.

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For those engaged in medical illustration and who hold a professional qualification approved by Council. Professional Members are entitled to use the letters MIMI after their name.

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For companies who wish to support the aims and activities of the Institute and the profession, or whose business activities include the supply of equipment, materials and services to the profession.

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Fellowship of
the Institute

Fellowship of the Institute recognises excellent abilities and skills and is its highest distinction of the Institute. Applications may be made by Members of the Institute with a minimum of 5 years’ post-qualification experience.

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Useful Links

Medical Illustration Departments   
 • Audiovisual Suite, Royal Derby Hospital
 •  Clinical Photography & Design, Birmingham Children's Hospital
 •  MAA Designs, Chigwell, Essex
 •  Media Services, St George’s Hospital Medical School
 •  Media Studio, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge
 • Medical Illustration, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
 •  Medical Illustration UK Ltd, London
 •  Medical Illustration, Royal Free & University College Medical School
 •  Medical Illustration, Southampton University Hospitals Trust
 •  Medical Illustration, Countess of Chester Hospital
 •  Medical Photography and Illustration, University Hospitals Bristol
 •  Media Resources Centre, University of Wales
 •  Michel Wijn Foto, Netherlands
 •  UCL Ear Institute Photographic Unit
If you would like your department linked from this page please e-mail:
NHS and related sites   
 •  Health Professions Council - The regulatory body for state registered healthcare professions
 •  Chief Scientific Officer - The DoH Chief Scientific Officers web page
 •  Connecting for Health - Everything you need to know about the National programme for IT in the NHS
 •  Department of Health - The new DoH web site
 •  Directgov - UK Government Web site
 •  NHS - The National Health Service Web Site
 •  NHS Careers - Guide to careers in the NHS
 •  NHS Direct - UK Health advice and information
 •  NHS Net - email and directory services for all NHS staff
 •  NHS Online - Latest independent health news
 • NHS Networks - Latest NHS, health and well-being news
 •  National Electronic Library for Health - A digital library for NHS staff, patients and the public
Associations and Societies   
 •  Association Européenne des Illustrateurs Médicaux et Scientifiques
 •  Association of Medical Illustrators, USA
 •  Australian Institute of Medical and Biological Illustration
 •  British Association of Retinal Screeners
 •  BioCommunications Association
 •  British Institute of Professional Photography
 •  Committee for the Accreditation of Medical Illustrators
 •  Designers in Health Network, UK
 •  Federation of Healthcare Scientists
 •  Health Sciences Communications Association, USA
 •  Medical Artists' Association
 •  Medical-Legal Illustrators, Atlanta, USA
 •  Ophthalmic Imaging Association
 •  Ophthalmic Photographers Society, USA
 •  Royal Photographic Society
On-line Publications    
 •  British Journal of Photography - The BJP on-line.
 •  British Medical Journal - Abstracts from the BMJ.
 •  Digital Media News - News on digital video, streaming media, and Web design.
 •  Medicine on-line - On-line medical journal.
 •  Oxford Medical Journals on-line - On-line articles available for peer review.
 •  PCPro magazine - Comprehensive computing magazine (free registration).
 •  Philip and Alex's guide to web publishing - Simple but excellent guide for web creators.
 •  The Lancet - Abstracts from the Lancet (free registration).
Photography and Digital Imaging    
 •  Bengt's Photography Page - Good selection of general photography links
 •  Digital Camera Reviews - Comprehensive reviews on all digital cameras
 •  Digital Photography Review - The latest digital photography and imaging news and reviews
 •  Digital photography as legal evidence - A good summary of the subject.
 •  George Eastman House - International museum of photography and film
 •  John Henshall's Epicentre - Everything you need to know about digital imaging
 •  UPDIG - International guidelines on digital imaging
Members Home Pages   
 •  Simon Brown                                                                                                                              
 •  David Bryson
Medical and Educational Resources   
 •  Association for Learning Technology - Comprehensive resource for those involved in new learning technologies.
 •  Biomedical Media - Company specialising in the design and production of medical media programs.
 •  BMJ News update - Daily news from the British Medical Journal.
 •  Health on the Net Foundation - Comprehensive and searchable medical database.
 •  Human Anatomy On-line - Excellent anatomy site with tutorials, requires java.
 • Human Body Maps - free interactive "Human Body Maps" from
 •  Medic8 - Excellent resource including free Medline access.
 •  Medscape - Comprehensive American based medical resource with enhanced Medline search.
 •  Netskills - How to make the most of the Web, includes on-line tutorial.
 •  OMedica - Daily health related news.
 • Student Cash Point - Resource for students to search thousands of funding opportunities
 •  The Visible Human Project - Slices of a corpse if you like that sort of thing.
Image Libraries    
 •  Custom Medical on-line - Stock Medical and Scientific photography from Chicago.
 •  Fotosearch - Searchable Stock Photography and Video
 •  Indexed Visuals - Searchable database of stock medical illustrations and visuals.
 •  Medical Illustration Source Book - the premier resource for medical and scientific illustration, animation and multimedia.
 •  Medicimage - Online medical image library
 •  NHS Photo Library - Stock medical and health images from the NHS.
 •  TASI - The technical advisory service for images. Huge resource of online image databases.
 •  US National Library of Medicine - Includes history of medicine database with over 6000 images.
 •  Wellcome Images - Vast medical photographic library.
 •  Wellcome Trust - Medical resources, exhibitions and library.
Reference and General Interest    
 •  BBC - Auntie on the Web, very comprehensive site.
 •  Copyright matters - Useful overview of UK copyright from Glasgow University.
 •  HERO - Contains a wealth of reference resources on HE and research.
 •  McAfee virus centre - All the latest viruses, hoaxes and updates.
 •  Newsnow - The ultimate news source, updated every few minutes.
 •  Times newspaper - The best on-line newspaper on the web (free registration).
 •  UK Streetmap - Find anywhere in the UK.
 •  UK Railways - All you want to know about the UK rail network, includes excellent journey timetable planner.
Search Engines   
 •  All the Web - Claims to be the biggest and fastest.
 •  Alta Vista - One of the biggest and still one of the best.
 •  Excite UK - More than just a search engine.
 •  Google - My personal favourite, very accurate and fast.
 •  Ixquick - Excellent and accurate new search engine.
 •  Lycos UK - A little bit of everything on this site.
 •  Metacrawler - Simple interface, powerful search engine.
 •  Yahoo UK - Comprehensive site with links to just about everything.

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