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Welcome Image Awards Winner 2012

Robert Ludlow from the UCL Institute of Neurology, London is this years overall winner of the prestigious Welcome Image Awards with his stunning image of the brain during an intracranial recording for epilepsy. Robert is a long standing IMI member and we congratulate him on this fantastic achievement. Robert was unable to collect the award personally as his son Thomas was born during the event, so double congratulations.

The photograph shows the surface (cortex) of a human brain belonging to an epileptic patient. The image displays the bright red arteries that supply the brain with nutrients and oxygen and the purple veins that remove deoxygenated blood. The photograph was taken before an intracranial electrode recording procedure for epilepsy, in which electrical activity is measured from the exposed surface of the brain.

Alice Roberts (anatomist, author and TV presenter) a member of the judging panel explains:

"This is a stunning image. Taken during an operation, which allows surgeons access to inside the skull, for recording electrical impulses, we are looking at the surface of a living brain. It's just extraordinary: the 'grey' matter (which is grey in death) is blushing pink. Small arteries are glowing with the scarlet blood pulsing through them, while purple veins lie thickly in the sulci, the crevices of the brain. And underneath that is somebody's mind. For me, the context, the composition and the clarity of this image made it a winner."

You can view all the images from the 2012 Wellcome Image Awards here

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