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Two Day Photoshop Workshop

When: 17 November 2018 - 18 November 2018

Where: Fenton House, 122 Wells Road, Bath, United Kingdom BA2 3AH

Time: 10am – 5pm

Cost: Non RPS Member £165/ RPS Member £123


The course is designed for:
Those working in digital imaging, photography, graphic design, publishing or other roles that involve day to day use of Photoshop. It aims to provide more experiencedusers with the knowledge and hands-on experience in techniques necessary to create, manipulate and edit professional quality images with skill and precision.

On completion of this Advanced Photoshop course, attendees will be able to:

• Use masks and layers to an advanced standard
• Understand a variety of ways to make advanced selections and apply the most appropriate for each purpose
• Use the Adobe Camera Raw plugin
• Generate monochrome and split tone images
• Use retouching features to make pictures perfect
• Use Adobe Bridge to organise, proof and process images in batches
• Output using a colour managed workflow for web and print

 Courses contents:

• Photoshop window layout options
• Management of layers
• Adjustment layers

  • Brightens and Contrast

  • Levels

  • Curves

  • Colour Balance

Black and White

Mask editing in Photoshop

  • Masks for Montage

     Masks for Adjustments

  • Selections on Masks

  • Selective blurring

• Complex cut outs

• Color Profiles for web and print

• Color Management from the screen to either domestic and professional printers

• RGB to CMYK and conversion pitfalls

• Resizing for web and print and possible issues

• Smart Objects, Smart filters (sharpening) & Smart Layers

• Optimising and exporting GIFs, PNGs and JPEGS for web and TIFs for professional printing

• Understand file other types such as RAW, PSDs and when to use them

Selection techniques
• Using the Pen tool to create paths
• Converting paths to selection
• Using channels to generate selections

• Layer masks - generating masks based on selections, gradients and other content
• Working with Vector masks
• Clipping Masks - applying transparency based masks to single or multiple layers

Layer Styles Techniques
• 3D effects for text and other purposes using Bevel and Emboss i.e. buttons
• Creating drop shadows, inners and outer glows for rollover effects
• Using Colour Overlay, Opacity and the Global Light settings

Working with the Action Palette and Adobe Bridge• Automate tasks
• Batch-Processing
• Recording, Playing and Editing Actions
• Creating a basic HDR image

Course Requirements
This course is suitable for those with some experience in using Photoshop and/or who have already completed the One Day Introduction to Photoshop.  Delegates should also have a basic understanding of a computer's user interface (i.e. how to navigate to and open files or folders).

The workshop is run using laptops using a Windows Operating System. If you work on a Mac, the Photoshop interface is identical and you should have no problem transferring the skills developed in the classroom.

 What to bring

A USB pen for your notes (provided in PDF format) and workable files (150MB one day and 2GB for two day workshops).


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