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HR and Social Media in the NHS

A guidance document called ‘HR and social media in the NHS’ has been published by the NHS Employers organisation as they hope to promote social media in order to make the health service more effective.

The report discusses what elements of social media can support high quality care for patients. With social media’s help, patients can be better equipped to find good information online.

Social media would allow the NHS to understand developments in staff and/or patient situations sooner and with more ease. Also, the use of it would lead to a stronger relationship between staff and the public.

Director of the NHS Employers organisation, Dean Royles, said: “I believe 2013 will be the year when the NHS significantly changes its view of social media. A tipping point has been reached and people throughout the NHS are recognising that the positive benefits of social media far outweigh its risks.”

“I know some people have concerns about confidentially and reputational issues. In the NHS it isn't social media itself that's the issue, but the need for greatly clarity on professional behaviour and confidentiality combined with a more permissive approach in organisational policies encouraging staff to use social media safely. I hope our new guidance helps many organisations find that clarity.”

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