Friday 5th October 2018

IMI’s 50th Annual conference was held at the Old Swan hotel in Harrogate, a beautiful town in North Yorkshire. The conference took place over three jam-packed days, split into three streams of photography and video, art and graphics and ophthalmic. Thursday included plenary sessions and new voices of which unfortunately I was unable to attend but after a (very) early start on Friday morning, my colleague and I arrived from Bristol just in time for the official opening of the trade show. Friday and Saturday consisted of a substantial variety of workshops and practical sessions finishing with a look back at the past fifty years. The conference closed with an annual awards banquet and Ceilidh dancing! A big thank you to the conference team and everyone who was involved in organising such an excellent conference. Here’s to the next 50 years of IMI!

Bereavement Photography by Eloise Lee & Stephanie Scrivens

A very informative workshop from Eloise Lee and Stephanie Scrivens on the palliative and bereavement photography service they provide to families who have suffered the loss of their child.

They explained the entire process from communicating with the parents to creating a beautiful keepsake presentation box containing mounted images and a USB.

Techniques and examples of images were illustrated to the delegates through a PowerPoint presentation and a simulator baby and props were used to demonstrate the set up.

Eloise and Stephanie also described how they sought funding in order to be able to provide this free service for parents, which was helpful to delegates, especially those who are thinking of setting up a similar service in their own department.

Dermoscopy by Andrea Jones & David Bishop

David explained the uses of Dermoscopy and the differences between polarised and non-polarised dermatoscopes.

He then showed delegates the equipment he uses in his department and the reasons for this. It was useful to gain tips and tricks on capturing excellent dermoscopy photographs.

The delegates were then split into small groups and each group given a dermatoscope to practice taking dermoscopy imaging on one another. Andrea and David were there to guide when required. This was a valuable way of testing out various types/brands of dermatoscopes and discovering what other delegates use in their own departments.

Lightroom for Photographers by SOHO Editors Software Training

SOHO Editors provided a range of training throughout the day including Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Adobe Premiere. I participated in the Lightroom for Photographers workshop and was pleasantly surprised by the range of MacBook Pro’s for the delegates to follow along with the trainer, whose computer screen was projected.

The trainer explained not only how to do basic edits to images but also how to manage them and create collections within Lightroom. Not being familiar with Lightroom myself, I found the instructions clear and easy to follow.

OCT Live by Heidelberg Engineering

This workshop provided a unique and real life demonstration as the imaging experts, Tim Cole and Suzanna Brice, scanned real patients and discussed alongside Ophthalmologist (name?) the different diagnosis in each patients eye. It was really stimulating to witness the OCT images being captured in real time and to watch the operator obtain different imaging modalities – which combined help to make confident clinical decisions.

Yoga Workshop by Megan Williams

Megan started this workshop with a presentation showing the benefits of yoga and how it can be implemented in the workplace to relieve stress and common aches and pains that are associated with being a medical photographer. We then got to practice some basic yoga positions that we can re-create in our chairs at our desks! We were taught the importance of combining both the breathing and the movement to maximise the usefulness of the discipline.

This was a really well-planned and practical workshop which left me feeling very relaxed afterwards.

CPD Training and Update by Lucy Tinniswood

Lucy is part of the IMI CPD team who provide advice to members who are creating or updating their CPD portfolios. The workshop provided good advice regarding the recent changes which are now carried out by the AHCS.

The presentation went through the whole CPD portfolio – including the 5 types of CPD and what counts as a CPD activity. Lucy then went through how to get started and how to write reflectively.

It was really helpful to have a workshop dedicated to CPD, there is a lot involved in creating a good solid portfolio and this answered a lot of questions

A lot of time and effort is involved in creating a good solid portfolio so it was helpful to have a workshop dedicated to CPD where we were able to acquire tips, have questions answered and obtain advice on how to develop and improve our current CPD portfolios.

by Shay Gunstone, Medical Photographer, North Bristol NHS Trust.