Quality Assurance Standards

The Institute of Medical Illustrators Quality Assurance Standards (QAS) provides a systematic framework to measure the implementation and effectiveness of quality initiatives in Medical Illustration units across the UK. It is intended that they will complement, but not duplicate, existing quality assurance programs and provide an opportunity to share and disseminate good practice. 

The Quality Assurance Standards were originally developed by members of the Institute, having investigated a number of national schemes from both industry and the healthcare sector. 



The QAS scheme was designed by the profession, for the profession and was robustly reviewed with the assistance of a nationally qualified audit training expert. 

Healthcare is increasingly evidence-based, centring decisions on the benefits of improving the patient care pathway. A well-structured medical illustration service contributes to the care pathway at various stages with the provision of standardised photography or the production of high-quality patient information. These outcomes are supported by well-tested documented working practices which are ultimately recognised through the QAS scheme. 

  • Standards are appropriate to the service. 
  • Our auditors are all qualified medical illustrators. 
  • QAS Level 1 provides a baseline for departments who undertake training and therefore ensures that students are provided with all that is required to meet their training needs. I  
  • Organisations placing work experience students require a guarantee that work placements are fit for purpose. QAS Level 1 provides that guarantee.  
  • QAS Level 2 is designed to examine overall organisational excellence, testing not only that systems are in place, but also that knowledge and understanding of policies, procedures and protocols are apparent. 
  • QAS Certification can contribute to other audit-able healthcare quality standards set by the NHS across the UK. 

How much does it cost my department to be audited by the QAS team?

Cost for QAS level 1:  

IMI Members – £250

Non Members -£500  

Cost for QAS level 2:  

IMI Members – £550

Non Members -£700  

QAS Re-Audit level 1:  

IMI Members – £200

Non Members -£450  

QAS Re-Audit level 2:  

IMI Members – £450

Non Members -£600  


QAS Team: Bolette Jones (Lead), Katy Hamiliton & Laura Jackman (Joint QAS Audit Administrator), Tim Zoltie, Jill Fell, Stephen Palmer, Carol Fleming, Nigel Beardsmore, Shay Gunstone, Jane Tovey & Nicola Kelley-Carrick 

Contact details for the auditors are available in the handbook. 

The Process 

The submission of evidence is now primarily electronic, with the majority of the criteria requiring evidence submission several weeks prior to the audit date.  The audit team then allocate two independent online auditors and one auditor to undertake the site visit. 

All scores and comments are then amalgamated into the final report. Successful organisations will receive a full audit report and a letter of congratulations which is usually sent to the Chief Executive of the organisation or a designated line manager for the department. 

Any criteria not met will be highlighted and if the additional evidence is submitted within a six week period, the audit will be deemed as successful. Failure to submit will mean the department will need re-auditing at a later date, which may incur additional costs. 

Advice and example evidence is available on request from any of the audit team. 

 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may have a bearing on what and how we share confidential information and could reduce the amount of information being allowed to be submitted online. Please speak with any of the QAS Audit team for advice on secure encryption of any electronic transfers.  

Successful QAS Departments 

The following departments have achieved QAS Level 1: 

The following departments have achieved QAS Level 2: