IMI Awards Entry 2019

The Institute’s awards are based on the recognition of excellence in clinical photography, healthcare design and clinical video and full details are circulated to members each year. The awards comprise of Gold, Silver and Bronze as well as a Platinum award, chosen from the Gold award winners. Additional awards include the Wellcome Award for the entry selected as most suitable for inclusion in the Wellcome Medical Library, and the Peter Kilshaw Student Award for the best entry from a student on a recognised course. Click here for more details.

To view the award entry rules for 2019, please click here.

  • Permission

    Permission is hereby granted for the work designated above to be entered into the IMI awards. I understand that this permission covers entry to the Awards and display at the Institute of Medical Illustrators Annual Conference from 4th – 5th October 2019, and any other subsequent advertising in connection with the Institute of Medical Illustrators or profession. I understand that this permission is given for use without payment by IMI.