QAS Handbook

These Quality Assurance Standards provide a systematic framework to measure the implementation and effectiveness of quality initiatives in Medical Illustration units across the UK. It is intended that they will complement, but not duplicate, existing quality assurance programmes and provide an opportunity to share and disseminate good practice.

Audit process

The framework has been designed to enable self-assessment by the service manager in the first instance, which will then be audited independently by an external auditor.

Sample size

Examination of documentation and the number of staff questioned will vary, depending on the number of staff employed in the department.

The auditors will ask staff to respond to a series of questions associated with each standard in order to ascertain whether or not the department has met the criteria. A cross-section of staff by grade or professional group may be asked to answer questions.


Compliance with each standard will be registered as a tick in the appropriate column. The auditor will examine a sample of the supporting evidence for each criterion before registering compliance.

  • Level 1 comprises 41 standards.
  • Level 2 comprises 28 Standards, under the same categories, but examined in more depth.

During a Level 2 audit, Level 1 criteria will be re-examined.

Accreditation is awarded for a three year period only, after which renewal will be necessary.

QAS Handbook


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