IMI Survival Guide

Some information and suggestions for those threatened with early retirement, redundancy, and staff or budget cuts.

This is a collection of tips and ideas contributed to by various IMI members. Use the content freely in presenting the case for your services, or safeguarding your own position, but please do not share the document with people outside our profession. We would like to build on the document by adding new material. Please feel free to send us your own contributions, based on your experiences.

In the current environment in the NHS we all have to do more to justify the cost of our services and medical illustration is particularly vulnerable where it is not well understood. The following information is offered as a reference guide for managers of NHS or university medical illustration departments who are either under a specific threat, or simply feeling greater pressure to justify their costs or generate income. It is neither a definitive list nor a panacea for all ills, but we hope it will be helpful in generating some ideas and providing useful references. We have broken the document down into the following sections, each consisting in the main of simple checklists, notes and reference lists.

  1. Reading the signs
  2. Arguments in support of professional in-house
    medical illustration services
  3. Service development
  4. Business planning
  5. Service level agreements
  6. Marketing – how to raise the profile of your service
  7. When times get tough
  8. Redundancy and early retirement due to redundancy
  9. Some useful references to support your case

IMI Survival Pack