Meet the Team


Jane Tovey profile picture

Chairman IMI
Jane Tovey

Carol Fleming profile picture

Honorary Secretary IMI
Carol Fleming
07587 702046

Geoffrey Gilbert profile picture

Honorary Treasurer IMI
Geoffrey Gilbert
0115 987 1468

Nick White profile picture

Chairman Elect IMI
Nick White

Members of Council

Laura Abbatiello profile picture

Council Member
Laura Abbatiello

Kim Baxter profile picture

English Representative
Kim Baxter

Simon Brinkworth profile picture

Council Member
Simon Brinkworth

Tommy Walsh profile picture

Irish Representative
Tommy Walsh

Ceri Llewellyn profile picture

Welsh Representative
Ceri Llewellyn

Sharon Sutherland profile picture

Scottish Representative
Sharon Sutherland

Laura Mullen profile picture

Student Liaison
Laura Mullen

Team Leaders

Education & Training Lead
Kathy McFall

Education & Training Secretary
Eloise Lee

Lucy Tinniswood

Beth Flowers

Web Lead
Andy McAllister

Membership Secretary
Melvin Bond

Jane Tovey

Regional Reps Coordinator
Stephanie Scrivens

Standards and Quality Assurance
Bolette Jones

Graphics Lead
Joanna Culley

IMI News Editor
Christina Knights

Journal of Visual Communication Editor
Caroline Erolin

IMI Awards Lead
Shelley Daber

National Guideline Coordinator
Carolyn Bray

Permanent Conference Team
Amy Lake

Permanent Conference Team
Ross Milligan

Trade Liaison
Paul Quinlan

Fellowship Chief Assessor
Simon Brown

Regulations Lead
Lucy Tinniswood

Regional representatives

David Dickie

Anthony Edwards

Wales & South West
Jessica Leonard

North West
Cat Lamoon and Andrea Jones

Yorkshire and North East
Allison Bell-Abbassi

Holly Benton and Erin Lynskey

East Coast
Jackie Kelly

London and South East
Pip Stiff

Mainland Europe
Bard Kjersem