History of IMI

IMI Timeline

IMI Coat of Arms

1968 Institute of Medical and Biological Illustration (IMBI) founded
1968 ‘IMBI News’ newsletter inaugurated
1968 First IMBI annual conference at Owens Park, University of Manchester
1968 Medical and Biological Illustration (founded 1951) adopted as IMBI official journal
1972 Norman K.Harrison memorial gold medal instituted (first recipient Julie Dorrington)
1973 IMBI Awards scheme introduced
1975 Institute of Medical Illustrators in Scotland (IMIS) merges with IMBI
1977 First Fellowship  awarded (Martin Johns)
1978 ‘Medical Picture Show’ Science Museum London
1978 Medical and Biological Illustration re-titled Journal of Audiovisual Media in Medicine
1978 Health and Safety Guide manual for Medical Illustration Departments published
1979 IMBI Diploma in Medical Illustration inaugurated
1979 Keith Simpson Editorial Award for JAMM established
1979 First IMBI/BBC Training Course
1980 Pat Turnbull Travel award  inaugurated
1981 ‘Charts and Graphs’ handbook published
1980 First IMBI Diploma (Part I) students complete course
1981 ‘A Career in Medical Photography’ and ‘A Career in Medical Art’ information leaflets published
1981 First Honorary Fellow awarded (Peter Waldie)
1982 IMBI Diploma (Part II) implemented
1982 IMBI awarded Honorary Affiliate Membership of Australian Institute of Medical and Biological Illustration
1983 Code of Conduct for Medical Illustrators published
1983 Kodak Awards to IMBI inaugurated
1984 Biological Photographic Association of America (BPA) offers scholarship to Summer Workshop
1984 IMBI Kuwait Secondment Scheme established
1984 New membership criteria formulated
1985 ‘About IMBI’ information leaflet published
1985 IMBI/BIPP Conjoint Examination in basic Medical Photography inaugurated
1986 A new Code of Practice for Medical Illustrators published
1988 A Survey of Medical Illustration Services in the NHS report published
1989 IMBI becomes IMI
1989 Register of Medical Illustrator Practitioners published
1990 IMI forges links with the European Federation of the Scientific Image (EFSI)
1991 IMI establishes links with RCGPs and shares a President
1992 IMI granted coat of arms by the College of Arms London
1992 IMI Advanced Higher Diploma validated by SCOTVEC as BSc (Hons) degree in Medical Illustration at Glasgow Caledonian University
1997 Working Party on Standards in Medical Illustration established
1998 IMI launches its website
1999 IMI Post-Experience Certificate (PEC) inaugurated
1999 Revised Membership structure
1999 First graduates of IMI/Glasgow Caledonian University BSc (Hons) degree course
2002 IMI Quality Standards Assurance Scheme inaugurated
2003 Compulsory CPD for professionally qualified members introduced
2004 Profession’s application to the Health Professions Council for statutory regulation approved
2004 IMI publishes first National Guidelines for specific techniques
2005 Journal of Audiovisual Media in Medicine re-titled
2005 Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine (marks 50 years of continuous publication)
2008 IMI/HeSCA Exchange Programme introduced
2008 Peter Hansell Gold Medal introduced (first recipients Christopher Tetley and Steve Young)
2009 IMI Scholarships inaugurated
2010 IMI re-branded and implemented marketing campaign
2010 Peter Kilshaw Student Award, John Corney Video Award and Gabriel Donald Graphics Award established
2010 Pilot application to Professional Standards Authority for Assured Voluntary Registration (AVR)
2012 Development of University of Westminster BSc degree course (first purely for clinical photographers)
2012 ‘Find a Professional’ website facility established
2013 ‘Images In Medicine’ exhibition Wellcome Collection London
2013 Peter Cull Silver medal introduced – first recipient Geoffrey Gilbert
2017 CAMIP register was transferred to the Academy of Healthcare Science (AHCS)
2017 IMI Special Recognition Award established (first recipients Mike Nelson and Chris Priest
2018 New Voices Julie Dorrington Award established
2018 IMI celebrates 50 years since its formation at its annual conference in Harrogate.
2019 New website launched
2019 IMI restructures Council to enable representation from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland

IMBI/IMI Conference Locations

1968 University of Manchester
1969 Keele
1970 Newcastle
1971 Keele
1972 University of Liverpool
1973 University of Surrey
1974 University of Aberdeen
1975 University of Warwick
1976 University of Bath
1977 University of Sheffield
1978 University of York
1979 University of Swansea
1980 University of Stirling
1981 University of Warwick
1982 University of Bath
1983 University of Warwick
1984 University of Swansea
1985 University of Aberdeen
1986 University of York
1987 University of Bath
1988 University of Nottingham
1989 University of Swansea
1990 University of Bradford
1991 University of Norwich
1992 University of Leeds
1993 University of St. Andrews
1994 University of Keele
1995 University of Warwick
1996 University of Canterbury
1997 Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh
1998 University of Warwick
1999 Chesford Grange Hotel, Warwick
2000 University of Cambridge
2001 White Hart Hotel, Harrogate
2002 Mickleover Court Hotel, Derby
2003 Hilton Dunblane Hydro Hotel, Perthshire
2004 Hilton West Pier Hotel,Brighton
2005 Moat House Hotel,York
2006 Thistle Hotel,Cardiff
2007 The Abbey Hotel, Redditch
2008 Marriott Hotel, Durham
2009 Westerwood Hotel,Cumbernauld
2010 Crewe Hall Hotel, Cheshire
2011 Theobalds Park Hotel, Cheshunt
2012 Marriot Hotel, Glasgow
2013 Marriot Hotel, Leicester
2014 Marriot Hotel, Bristol
2015 Renaissance Hotel, Manchester
2016 Golden Jubilee Hotel, Glasgow
2017 East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham
2018 The Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate
2019 The Stormont Hotel, Belfast
2020 Cheshunt, London
2021 Golden Jubilee Hotel, Glasgow

IMI Chairman and Officers

Date Chairman Secretary Treasurer
Pre 1968 Peter Hansell/Gabriel Donald
1968-69 Peter Hansell Peter Cull Norman K. Harrison
1969-70 Peter Cull Julie Dorrington Sylvia Treadgold
1970-71 Leslie Bowcock Julie Dorrington Sylvia Treadgold
1971-72 Gabriel Donald Brian Bracegirdle Leslie Bowcock
1972-73 Robert Ollerenshaw Brian Bracegirdle Leslie Bowcock
1973-74 Peter Cull Brian Bracegirdle/Pat Miles Leslie Bowcock
1974-75 Brian Bracegirdle Pat Miles/David Tredinnick Leslie Bowcock
1975-76 Pat Turnbull David Tredinnick Leslie Bowcock
1976-77 Cynthia Clarke David Tredinnick Leslie Bowcock
1977-78 Cynthia Clarke David Tredinnick Leslie Bowcock
1978-79 Robert Loudon Brown David Tredinnick Leslie Bowcock
1979-80 Robin Callander David Tredinnick Leslie Bowcock
1980-81 Ron Donovan Nigel Pearce Leslie Bowcock
1981-82 Raymond Lunnon Nigel Pearce Leslie Bowcock
1982-83 Gabriel Donald Nigel Pearce Leslie Bowcock
1983-84 Peter Waldie Nigel Pearce Leslie Bowcock
1984-85 David Tredinnick Nigel Pearce Leslie Bowcock
1985-86 Cynthia Clarke Nigel Pearce/Garry Swann Leslie Bowcock
1986-87 Robert Gilder Garry Swann/Daphne Lytton Leslie Bowcock
1987-89 Nigel Pearce Daphne Lytton Leslie Bowcock
1989-91 Gillian Lee Angus Robertson Leslie Bowcock
1991-93 Colin Hood Angus Robertson Leslie Bowcock
1993-95 Simon Brown Angus Robertson Geoffrey Gilbert
1995-97 Daphne Lytton Angus Robertson Geoffrey Gilbert
1997-99 Alex Herd Angus Robertson Geoffrey Gilbert
1999-01 Martin Johns Angus Robertson Geoffrey Gilbert
2001-03 Carol Fleming Angus Robertson Geoffrey Gilbert
2003-05 Keith Bellamy Angus Robertson Geoffrey Gilbert
2005-07 Jeremy Nayler Angus Robertson/Carol Fleming Geoffrey Gilbert
2007-09 Angus Robertson Carol Fleming Geoffrey Gilbert
2009-11 Andrew Johnson Carol Fleming Geoffrey Gilbert
2011-13 Ross Milligan Carol Fleming Geoffrey Gilbert
2013-15 Jason Candlin Carol Fleming Geoffrey Gilbert
2015-17 Stephen Palmer Carol Fleming Geoffrey Gilbert
2017-19 Kathy McFall Carol Fleming Geoffrey Gilbert
2019-21 Jane Tovey Carol Fleming Geoffrey Gilbert

IMI Conference Group Photographs

We have copies of almost all of IMI’s conferences but are missing one or two.

If you have a copy – please contact secretary@imi.org.uk