Registration: why bother?

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  • 28th March 2019

For you personally:
Accredited Registration is all to do with patient safety. If you, your spouse, mother, father, brother, sister or anyone else in your family went into hospital for tests, therapy or care, you would naturally assume, and want to be assured, that all the therapists and health care staff involved in their care were qualified, up to date with their training and included on an appropriate register for that profession. Why should clinical photographers be any different?

By registering with the AHCS you make a statement to your colleagues and the patients who come into your care in the studio or on the ward, that you are a qualified and up-to-date professional and that patients are safe with you.

If you want to go for a higher grade in your department, maybe a post in another Trust or Health Board, it is highly likely that Accredited Registration will be marked as ‘Essential’ on the person specification and job description. Accredited Registration is fast becoming the norm for the profession – which is what IMI (and CAMIP, previously) have wanted for many years.

For your department and employer:
Every NHS Trust and Health Board takes patient safety extremely seriously. It may not be obvious to many people of the potential risk posed by a medical photographer but a misfiled picture, a photograph used or published without appropriate consent or even a complaint about how a photograph was taken would all be serious issues. CQC inspectors would expect to see all clinical photographers on the AHCS register, so Chief Executives and Clinical Directors would normally assume the same. As Accredited Registration becomes standard, so it is important for a department head to encourage all photographers and those who have direct patient contact to get onto the AHCS Register.

And this year the fee for registration has come down from £50 to £30, which is a very welcome reduction so do please ensure that you register, or renew your registration, before the end of the month.