IMI Awards 2021 – Update

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  • 22nd March 2021

IMI Competition Awards 2021

You’re probably all wondering what’s happening with this year’s IMI awards. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, 2020‘s awards were postponed. I can assure you that we are working harder than ever to launch the awards this year with extra measures in place to keep everyone safe, such as remote judging. In order to recognise the hard work that our members have put in and their contribution to the workforce during the pandemic, there will be additional prizes and awards this year. We are working hard to ensure that the awards are back in full force so that we are once again able to celebrate the commitment and conscientiousness of our profession.

As with previous years, entries are limited to five per person (this includes joint entries) and appropriate consent is required for all images featuring people. As always, the awards welcomes all subject matter across the photography, graphics and video categories. Additionally, this year we are enthusiastic to see entries relating to your hard work during the pandemic.

Start getting your entries ready and watch this space for the official launch of the 2021 IMI Awards on 1st April 2021!