IMI Awards 2021 – Submission update

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  • 25th March 2021

We recently announced that the 2021 IMI Awards will be launching on the 1st April. As with previous years, entries are limited to five per person (this includes joint entries) and appropriate consent is required for all images featuring people. As always, the awards welcomes all subject matter across the photography, graphics and video categories. Additionally, this year we are enthusiastic to see entries relating to your hard work during the pandemic.

We will be accepting physical entries for graphics submissions if it would be more appropriate for the entry to be judged physically rather than electronically. If this is the case, you will still be required to enter via the entry form on the IMI website and to contact the Awards Team for details of where to send the submission.

We encourage you to start getting your entries ready for submission, and once the awards have launched, to familiarise yourself with the entry requirements which can be found on the IMI website.

Watch this space for the official launch of the 2021 IMI Awards on 1st April 2021!

Keep safe and as always please direct enquiries to


Awards Team