Pat Turnbull Travel Fund

For many years the Pat Turnbull Travel fund has assisted members of the Institute in their travel funding to conferences throughout the world, one of the many benefits available to every member of the Institute.

Any paid-up member can apply and there is a defined procedure to ensure equity and fairness.

All applications are dealt with anonymously, with Council basing their decision on who is to benefit solely on the details of the application form. The identity of the applicant is withheld from Council members until after the allocations have been distributed. Priority is given to those members of the Institute who are to present papers at a particular conference.

The funding is allocated on the basis of the information submitted to Council. No member will be awarded funding in consecutive years, unless there is a lack of applications. Funding will only be presented on the implicit understanding that a short report of the conference attended is written for IMI News and the Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine.

Applicants should realise that there is every chance their request will be successful and Council hopes that all members will take advantage of this new method of awarding the Pat Turnbull Travel Fund.

Please complete the application below and submit at least 3 months prior to your travel.